Counting Discs

More than 25 years of experience in series production of counting discs and several thousand discs produced speak for themselves.

Our counting discs are used for

  • Paper
  • Security papers
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Stamps
  • Envelopes
  • Tax stamps
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • and much more …

each banded, single or on pallet.

The counting discs are characterized by

  • Large area of application
  • Processing offset edges
  • Processing standing / hanging edges
  • Processing standing / hanging corners
  • Processing steel engravings etc.
  • Corner counting or corner and side edge counting

Our highlights:

Type Application Diameter  
C1 30-70 g/m2   Ø 112 mm smallest size 9 x 32 mm (tax stamp)
C4 200-500 g/m2 Ø 158 mm up to 500 g/m2
C5 35-150 g/m2 Ø 130 mm high speed counting up to over 300 sheets per second
 S6 40-200 g/m2 Ø 158 mm side edge and corner counting, offset edges from -4 up to +4 mm  
 S7 35-150 g/m2 Ø 158 mm like S6, but also for standing edges  

Our delivery program:

TeilenummerBezeichnung altTyp Kennzeichnung
in Zählscheibe
KPN-A01-010-R 10.0101046.R119.6 R6,5 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-010-L 10.0101046.L119.6 R6,5 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-080-R 10.0101046.R119.6/13V8 V8 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-080-L 10.0101046.L119.6/13V8 V8 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-081-R 10.0101046.R119.6V8_40GR V8 40gr 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-090-R 10.0101046.R129.6V9 V9 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-090-L 10.0101046.L129.6V9 V9 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-100-R 10.0101046.R129.6V10 V10 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-100-L 10.0101046.L129.6V10 V10 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-110-R 10.0101046.R129.6V11 V11 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-110-L 10.0101046.L129.6V11 V11 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-111-R 10.0101046.R129V11_40GR V11 40gr 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-111-L 10.0101046.L129V11_40GR V11 40gr 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-120-R 10.0101046.R129.6V12 V12 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-120-L 10.0101046.L129.6V12 V12 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-130-R 10.0101046.R139V13 V13 139 mm
KPN-A01-130-L 10.0101046.L139V13 V13 139 mm
KPN-A01-150-R 10.0101046.R139V15 V15 139 mm
KPN-A02-001-R 10.0101046.R112/13_C1 C1 112 mm
KPN-A02-002-R 10.0101046.R129.6/10_C2 C2 129,6 mm
KPN-A02-002-L 10.0101046.L129.6/10_C2 C2 129,6 mm
KPN-A02-003-R 10.0101046.R119.6_C3 C3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-001-R 10.010101046.R139S1 S1 139 mm
KPN-A03-001-L 10.010101046.L139S1 S1 139 mm
KPN-A03-002-R 10.0101046.R119.6/8_S2 S2 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-002-L 10.0101046.L119.6/8_S2 S2 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-003-R 10.0101046.R119.6/8S3 S3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-003-L 10.0101046.L119.6/8S3 S3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-004-R 10.0101046.R129.6/8_S4 S4 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-004-L 10.0101046.L129.6/8_S4 S4 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-005-R 10.0101046.R129.6/8_S5 S5 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-005-L 10.0101046.L129.6/8_S5 S5 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-006-R 10.0101046.R158/8_S6 S6 158 mm
KPN-A03-006-L 10.0101046.L158/8_S6 S6 158 mm
KPN-A03-007-R 10.0101046.R158/8_S7 S7 158 mm
KPN-A03-007-L 10.0101046.L158/8_S7 S7 158 mm