HPC – High Performance Counting

Counting Discs

More than 30 years of experience in series production of counting discs and several thousand discs produced speak for themselves.

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  • Paper
  • Security papers
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Post stamps
  • Envelopes
  • Tax stamps
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • and much more …

each banded, cut or as a pile on a pallet.


  • Large area of application
  • Processing offset edges
  • Processing curl up / curl down edges
  • Processing curl up / curl down corners
  • Processing intaglio printing etc.
  • Corner counting or corner and side edge counting


  • Soft counting disc profiles
  • Low counting discs diameter
  • Low immersion depth
  • Low deformation
  • No damages / marks


Type Application DiameterRemark
Type Application Diameter Remark
C1 30-70 g/m2   Ø 112 mm smallest size 9 x 32 mm (tax stamp)
C4 200-500 g/m2 Ø 158 mm up to 500 g/m2
S6 40-200 g/m2 Ø 158 mm side edge and corner counting, offset from -4 up to +4 mm  
S7 35-150 g/m2 Ø 158 mm as S6, but also for curl up edges  
S835-170 g/m2 Ø 158 mm immersion depth 20 mm
S970-270 g/m 2 Ø 158 mm edge counting up to 270 g/m2
Köster High Performance Counting Discs

Supply Range

Part No. Alternative Part No. Type Marking1 Ø
KPN-A01-010-R 10.0101046.R119.6 R6,5 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-010-L 10.0101046.L119.6 R6,5 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-080-R 10.0101046.R119.6/13V8 V8 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-080-L 10.0101046.L119.6/13V8 V8 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-081-R 10.0101046.R119.6V8_40GR V8 40gr 119,6 mm
KPN-A01-090-R 10.0101046.R129.6V9 V9 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-090-L 10.0101046.L129.6V9 V9 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-100-R 10.0101046.R129.6V10 V10 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-100-L 10.0101046.L129.6V10 V10 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-110-R 10.0101046.R129.6V11 V11 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-110-L 10.0101046.L129.6V11 V11 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-111-R 10.0101046.R129V11_40GR V11 40gr 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-111-L 10.0101046.L129V11_40GR V11 40gr 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-120-R 10.0101046.R129.6V12 V12 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-120-L 10.0101046.L129.6V12 V12 129,6 mm
KPN-A01-130-R 10.0101046.R139V13 V13 139 mm
KPN-A01-130-L 10.0101046.L139V13 V13 139 mm
KPN-A01-150-R 10.0101046.R139V15 V15 139 mm
KPN-A02-001-R 10.0101046.R112/13_C1 C1 112 mm
KPN-A02-002-R 10.0101046.R129.6/10_C2 C2 129,6 mm
KPN-A02-002-L 10.0101046.L129.6/10_C2 C2 129,6 mm
KPN-A02-003-R 10.0101046.R119.6_C3 C3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-001-R 10.010101046.R139S1 S1 139 mm
KPN-A03-001-L 10.010101046.L139S1 S1 139 mm
KPN-A03-002-R 10.0101046.R119.6/8_S2 S2 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-002-L 10.0101046.L119.6/8_S2 S2 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-003-R 10.0101046.R119.6/8S3 S3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-003-L 10.0101046.L119.6/8S3 S3 119,6 mm
KPN-A03-004-R 10.0101046.R129.6/8_S4 S4 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-004-L 10.0101046.L129.6/8_S4 S4 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-005-R 10.0101046.R129.6/8_S5 S5 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-005-L 10.0101046.L129.6/8_S5 S5 129,6 mm
KPN-A03-006-R 10.0101046.R158/8_S6 S6 158 mm
KPN-A03-006-L 10.0101046.L158/8_S6 S6 158 mm
KPN-A03-007-R 10.0101046.R158/8_S7 S7 158 mm
KPN-A03-007-L 10.0101046.L158/8_S7 S7 158 mm
1in the Disc

Description of the counting process with a counting disc

Our counting machines are used to determine the number of papers or similar materials in a stack. As with machines from Vacuumatic or GTS, counting takes place from the top or bottom sheet of the stack, depending on the construction of the machine. By means of vacuum a corner or side edge of this sheet is sucked onto a rotating disc, thereby separated from the rest of the stack and then led to the back of the disc through a gap. While the sheet is inside the gap a signal is generated and thus the sheet is counted. The counting disc works its way sheet by sheet through the stack. Depending on the division of the disc there can be sucked in and counted up to 6 sheets during one turn.

For paper with different stiffness, grammage or material there are different counting discs, as a 30 g/m² paper requires another treatment than a 300 g/m² carton. Also the maximum counting speed depends on the material to be counted. With our machines and discs the counting speed can be more than 300 sheets per second which clearly sets us apart from other providers.

The usual area of application of this machines and discs is security printing because here all the characteristics of this way of counting is demanded: Physical counting of every single sheet, speed, gentle on the paper, without leaving deformations or marks on the material. Due to the low depth of contact it is also possible to count banded products.