HPC – High Performance Counting


  • more than 300 sheets per second


  • from 35 up to 500 g/m²
  • machines for corner and / or side edge counting
  • different counting directions:
  • from bottom to top / top to bottom / right to left


  • soft counting disc profiles
  • small counting discs diameter
  • low contact depth
  • little deformation
  • no damages / marks

According to our opinion the quality of a counting machine defines over its wide area of application with different weights and materials. Precision in the mechanical construction is the basis for function, reproducibility of the counting results and to avoid damages to the product to be counted.

The machine has to be reliable, easy to maintain and fast.

Our counting machines B03 and B04 start at max. 200 counts per second, which is significantly above the level of known “high speed” machines.

Counting machine B03

Counting machine B04

Counting machine B06

Our HPC counting machine B06 counts over

  • 300 sheets per second
  • 2,000 sheets in less than 7 seconds
  • Theoretically over 18,000 sheets per minute!

And all this is done without damaging the paper. 

More than 300 counts per second mean less than 0.003 seconds time to suck in a product with a counting disc, to separate it, to generate a signal and to evaluate it.

It goes without saying that here special demands are made on the mechanical structure of the machine, the design of the counting disc and the performance of the control. The experience that we gained in this extremum area helps us to develop new products to become even faster and better.