HPC – High Performance Counting

Counting Mechanisms


  • Application-optimised
  • Accurate counting, optimised processes
  • Short cycle times, short intervals


  • From 35 up to 500 GSM
  • Corner or side edge counting
  • Various counting directions
  • Compact installation dimensions


  • Soft counting disc profiles
  • Low immersion depth
  • Low deformation
  • No damages / marks

Machine builders are increasingly faced with the challenge of automating strenuous manual work processes.

Flexible and easy-to-install counting mechanisms are required particularly in the graphics and also in other industries.

We are happy to offer our experience to realise your requirements. This applies both to the design and manufacture of the counting mechanism and to the integration of the counting process into the existing machine control system. This eliminates the need for a separate control system for our counting mechanism. We would be happy to advise you and look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Standard motor equipment.
Application in the destacking process.
Precise sheet counting of partial layers.
Processing of the last sheet on a pallet.


Self-developed servo motor.
3000 rpm.
Very high, constant torque.
Application for robot operation.


Drive via customer-supplied servo motor.
Developed for horizontal use.


Drive via customer-supplied servo motor.
Especially for counting very small quantities.