Machine and Mold Construction

1964 Köster GmbH was founded as model making company. Following our passion we are active today for international customers in machine and mold construction.

Thanks to many years of experience in understanding and implementing customer wishes, we are able to develop and manufacture electrically, pneumatically and hydraulically driven machines for various industries.

We offer machines from smallest machines up to horizontal hydraulic presses with 16 t closing pressure.

Quality and delivery on schedule go without saying for us as well as fair dealing and discretion towards our customers.


High-Security and Commercial Paper Industry

Since 1991 we develop and manufacture counting discs. The changes in the paper texture of banknotes respectively new tasks like tax stamps, self-adhesive labels, plastics and also cardboard articles have prompted us to develop new types of counting discs.

The counting discs cover a range from 30 g/m² up to 500 g/m², from any sheet size to the smallest paper size of 9 x 32 mm. Counting is possible at the corner or the side edge.

We gladly accept the challenge of not damaging the paper und not leaving traces by counting.

Since the year 2007 we build counting machines for industrial use. As the counting machines available on the market did unfortunately not keep pace with the progress of our counting discs, we offer counting machines under our own name since 2019.

For our customers in the mechanical engineering sector, we offer counting mechanisms to automate laborious manual work processes. We are happy to offer our experience to realise your requirements and look forward to your enquiry.

Particle Foam Processing

  • Special Machines
  • EPS Machines & Molds
  • EPP Machines & Molds
  • Lost Foam Molds
  • EPS Dry Foaming Molds
  • Dry Foaming Machines

Since 1981 we manufacture machines and molds for the processing of EPS. Right from the beginning we provided nearly all of our machines with removal system and magazine for the produced parts. The machines are mostly specially tailored to a product.

Our machines do not have a separate steam chamber. It is always part of the mold which contributes to an economic production.

In the meanwhile there can be processed also other materials on our machines.

Means of Production

  • Milling
    • 3-axis up to 2.3 m x 1.2 m x 0.7 m
    • 5-axis up to Ø 1.4 m x 0.7 m up to 1.5 t
  • Lathe
    • 3-axis up to Ø 250 mm x 700 mm
  • Fabrication of high-quality surfaces up to automated high-gloss polishing